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About Us

It is Chandler Concrete's mission to provide and deliver quality ready-mixed concrete and concrete products with excellent customer service in a timely basis.

Where Chandler’s foundation began, Concrete has proven itself to be a versatile and economical building material. Chandler’s network of ready-mixed concrete plants serve areas of North Carolina, Virginia and southern West Virginia and eastern Tennessee. Chandler’s plants are positioned to provide you timely service and drivers than exceed your expectations.

Our ready-mixed concrete can be customized with additives to accommodate pours in less than desirable weather (very hot or very cold) or transportation times. Engineered concrete can produce a variety of formulations designed to achieve modern construction requirements and/or producing less waste and greater savings for optimum efficiency. By being able to customize your ready-mixed needs, we are able to modify manageability, shorten or extend set time to improve the finishability.

We offer a research and development department backed by our technical service staff, which optimizes your concrete mix in order to achieve strength and other characteristics that may be required.