Chestnut Trail Vineyard



About Us

Chestnut Trail Vineyards began as the retirement project of John and Claudia Ellis: he, a Hollywood orchestra musician and teacher, and she, a horse enthusiast. Together they created the magnificent space of their estate, a 54-acre farm and pasture. Soon their hobbies intersected as John's passion for growing grapes met with Claudia's interest of fermenting wines. Family and friends reaped the benefits of those early years. In January 2015, Chestnut Trail's wines became available to all.

Sadly, John passed away in November of 2015, but Claudia and the family preserve his legacy through the wines they produce. Their array of award-winning wines continue to be made exclusively from the estate's organically grown Muscadine grapes.

Come on out to the farm, enjoy the picturesque views and scenic sunsets, watch the beautiful horses, and refresh yourself with a glass of wine.