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From our factory in Mocksville, Eco-Panels is helping our clients build the strongest and most energy-efficient structures on the planet. Our pre-insulated building panels have been used for projects from right here in Davie County to around the world, ranging from affordable housing to high-end homes and multi-family or commercial or government projects.

Eco-Panels combines the stud framing and insulation process into one product. Our inter-locking and pre-engineered panels make a structure stronger, safer, and much better insulated than a traditional home. Eco-Panels’ unique, patented single piece corner panel allows us to create an exterior wrap of continuous insulation, and our patented embedded connector system for assembling panels allows almost anyone to build a home faster than traditional framed construction. Our custom blend of insulating closed cell polyurethane foam core is free of styrenes, formaldehyde and VOCs for your family’s health, safety, and wellbeing. Whether you are building a new home for yourself or an important client, let’s see if we can help you with your next building project. Visit us at Reach out to us today!