First Benefits Insurance



About Us

Over 20 years ago the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA) created a workers’ compensation company and made
it available exclusively to its members. The company’s reputation grew based on outstanding service and competitive rates.
Today more than 60 Chambers of Commerce in North Carolina offer First Benefits Insurance Mutual’s (FBIM) work comp insurance as a member benefit.

FBIM insures over 2,000 NC businesses and has over 200 insurance
agencies across the state. With competitive pricing and strong attention to detail, First Benefits Insurance Mutual is proud to be firmly planted in the state where its business began.

Worker's Comp coverage with FBIM provides you and your employees with the peace of mind of knowing accidents that occur on the job will be handled timely and fairly.

Each policy comes with:
* Knowledgeable & courteous service
* Experienced claims adjusters
* Payment plans to fit your needs
* No installment fees for payments

At FBIM we believe that all of our agents, insureds, and injured workers deserve the best customer service possible and we strive to provide that in each interaction.