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About Us

Ron’s CNC Service has been servicing the machine tool industry since 1991. The owner, Ron Hegedic, began his career working in manufacturing IN 1985, and has served in a multitude of capacities ranging from service engineer to maintenance manager at a large job shop. He has been trained by OEM’s in the US and Japan. For 33 years Ron specialized in the Mazak machine tool line and acquired a majority of his knowledge from the field. Ron’s CNC Service provides a variety of professional services to clients in 11 states.
Service is just a word to many organizations in today’s market, but it is in the name of Ron’s CNC Service for a reason. Whether we are rebuilding a head stock or searching for a repair solution, we do everything possible to deliver quality service.

Whether you are looking for the best qualified CNC Machine repair technicians for your equipment, or to add DNC to your CNC manufacturing operation, talk with those who really know manufacturing – the staff of Ron’s CNC Service. With over 30 years in the manufacturing industry, we will help you understand what you need – and don’t need – to improve your efficiency and profitability and keep your equipment up and running.