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About Us

You live your life by a set of standards that are important to you. We’re guided by certain values too, and they reveal themselves in our everyday interactions with our customers and community. So when you have a financial challenge, question or dream, tell us about it. Then pay attention to what happens next. We take ownership of your problems and treat them as our very own. We craft solutions unique to you. And we express kindness and enthusiasm in all that we do. The reason you receive our best—always—is because we embrace the following values:

Smart - Clever minds create change.
Kind - We're never wrong by doing right.
Young-At-Heart - We surprise and delight.
Local - We're from here. We own it.
Inspired - Extraordinary passion drives us.
Nonconforming - We don't do mediocre or status quo.
Energetic - This is contagious.

At Skyline National Bank, the most important thing we can do to bring you a really great banking experience is to commit to giving you always our best. We’re keeping hometown banking alive and well in the communities we serve. Inside our bank, it’s our vision; and in serving our customers, business clients and our communities, it’s our mission and an invitation for the entire community to join us in striving for excellence. Let’s rethink what a community bank can do. We invite you to join us.

What we do is more than just meeting needs and growing businesses; doing good and being our best elevates our community.

And together, the sky’s the limit.