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About Us

Kids are curious, lovable and hilarious. They are also wild, impatient and vulnerable. Do you want to help look out for kids in Mocksville and around the globe?
Kids need Kiwanis. Kiwanis needs you.
Some kids are hungry. Some kids need help learning to read. Others need mentors in their community. You can help improve these issues and more ? one child at a time. Your support and participation help kids realize a brighter tomorrow.

The Kiwanis Club of Mocksville is a new Kiwanis club working to change the future for children in Mocksville. Kiwanis exists to help children around the world.
Some popular projects that help kids include installing reading rooms in schools, packing backpacks with school supplies and programs that teach skills or provide safety lessons.

The members of this new Kiwanis club will look at the needs of children in the community and decide the projects that will benefit local kids.